In July 2013,our 89 CNC pipe cutting sawing machine debugged and ran in FENGLI workshop, which adopted Siemens automatic control system and Contor brand motion controller, realized the scale accuracy within + / – 1.5 mm; The saw designing is reasonable, when in cutting different pipe diameter and wall thickness, different length of welded pipe is well appearance with the advantages of good security, low noise, smooth incision and no deformation and the burrs. Installing the cold flying saw can save flatting head chamfering process and labor costs, greatly improve the work efficiency and welded pipe products market competitiveness. CNC cold flying saw machine control system is fully automatic parameter setting; it can run automatically with high stable, reliable and safe.

During the debugging time, we got cooperation of FENG LI Company. Let’s show our thanks for you and your choice of our Contor flying saw. We will hold on our best to service the customers.