At the end of 2019, an epidemic black swan had a big impact on the manufacturing industry. Due to the epidemic, it is difficult for people to enter and exit the country for machine installation.
self install tube mill
Shenyang Contor, as a manufacturer of tube mill flying saw, has planned the remote service function of flying saw products since 2018. It has been possible so far, through the Internet digital communication technology to remotely connect the user’s tube mill flying saw equipment to realize remote electrical control. And users can do self-installation via the guide video, and the guided operation HMI which specially developed by Contor.After installation contor after-service team will tech the user how to operate through the internet meeting.

Customers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea have successfully installed the flying saw and run it smoothly. Internet digital communication technology allows traditional manufacturing with the wings of taking off, overseas installation without leaving home is no longer a problem!